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About Us

We are an organization of volunteers dedicated to supporting the Chico branch of the Butte County Library.

We are committed to making our library a place where families and community members can learn and grow.

Our job is to raise money, which we then spend on the library.  Some of our projects are long-term (think library expansion or remodel). 

We spend money on library books and movies every month.  We sponsor library programs like the weekly movies, or children's craft programs. 

We sponsored the library's Maker Lab, which is that big blue industrial space in the middle of the library.  It has sewing, 3D printing, coding, robots, virtual reality programs, and more!

Think about becoming a board member - help us spend this money and keep the community aware of all the good done by our library.

You are welcome to attend the board meetings generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 P.M. in the library's meeting room.

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Board Members

Every Spring at the annual meeting, Chico Friends of the Library elects officers to serve on the board from July 1 through June 30, for two years.

Board Officers

Co-Presidents |  Nancy Leek & Katherine Gould (2020 - 2022)
Vice President |  Sandy Boyd (2020 - 2022)
Treasurer | Diane Friedman (2019 - 2021)
Secretary | Satsie Veith (2020 - 2022)

Members (2019 - 2020)

Membership Chair
- Elizabeth Bergthold
Book Sale Coordinators
- Nancy Leek
- Helen Sutton (volunteer)
Financial Advisor
- Muhammad Khaki (volunteer)
Newsletter Editors
- Keith Herritt
Public Relations | vacant
- Katherine Gould
Ex-officio Member
- Janae Kambestad, Chico Branch Librarian
Volunteer Recognition
- vacant
- Margaret Bomberg
- Merle Burbridge
- Brenda Crotts


- Board Meeting Minutes
- Governing Documents


- Susan Davis (Past Treasurer)

the road so far

Our History

The Chico Library is part of Chico's culture and history and continues to be a strong influence. With the hard work of volunteers like the Chico Friends of the Library, the Chico Branch Library is able to provide books, internet access, meeting places and a range of other resources for the people of Chico.