Book Sales

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Where & When

Book sales are open every Saturday 9am - 11:30am in the Chico Library meeting room. On holiday weekends, when the library is closed, the book sale is postponed.

There is a special benefit for CFOL members: Every first Friday of the month, except holiday weekends, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., a preview sale will be held for members only.  If you aren't a member, you can join at the sale.

The book sale is our main source of income. Every book you buy is a direct contribution to the library. All the books are donated and the sale is run by volunteers, so the overhead is virtually zero.

Volunteers Needed !

We need people to help put the books away on Saturday mornings, after the regular book sale at 11:30 a.m. It only takes a few minutes! Contact Helen Sutton 345-9662 to volunteer. You will be lifting boxes weighing roughly 15 pounds.

What's New

The dedicated book sale volunteers have started putting popular authors' books in the back room, sorted by author's last name. We still get new-to-us books every day, so be sure and come browse.

The book sale has adult fiction both popular and classic, history books, cookbooks, gardening, crafts, children's books, DVDs, CDs, a few VCR movies, and magazines. Some books are library books that have been withdrawn from circulation; however, most of the books are donated by library supporters

Donate Your Books

Bring your clean, dry books to the Chico Library. You can also donate current magazines (2 months old or newer), audio books, or movies (DVDs). Please don't bring us items in poor condition (torn, dirty, mildewed, stained, paperbacks without covers, etc.). Also, we do not need encyclopedias, older textbooks, cassettes or VCR tapes. All donations to CFOL are tax deductible, so ask for a tax receipt.