hosting venue

Chico Elks Lodge #423

Chico Elks Lodge #423, located at 1705 Manzanita Ave, Chico, CA 95926, has been a long time contributing member
of the local community and a fabulous venue for hosting events. Learn more on their website and Facebook.


Proposed Dates

We've secured reservations in September, 2020.
September 23 ~ 26 (Wed ~ Sat), 2020


Venue Information

Two Reserved Meeting Spaces

Size and Capacity
Well over 100+, detailed sq ft to be updated.

Equipment and Amenities
On-site Internet and on-demand Verizon Mi-Fi hotspot
Professional sound systems (Mic, speakers, mixers, etc)
Desks, chairs, power strips, etc
Projector, screen, podium, etc.
More to be updated soon.

who we are

Why Choose Us

Emerged from our Strategic Planning, facilitating community engagement and connections throughout Butte County and
beyond to leverage our presence and purpose in service to our communities is one of our strategic focuses.

Butte County Library and CFOL have established solid relationships with local universities,
organizations, fellow County departments, news outlets, and more.

Bring conference and training "home" for staff and local community. Enhance Koha's publicity.

CFOL has been a long-time supporter for the library and the local community and is happy to expand
their reach and influence to the Koha community to benefit the library family.

Chico, CA is a beautiful college town in northern California's arboretum. Coming here is a nice retreat.